EVOGEN-GENOME one test in a lifetime

EVOGEN-GENOM is a test for your whole life. DNA represents a large, complex molecule that is responsible for storage and transmitting hereditary information. It acts as a special set of instructions that dictates how a person’s body is put together and functions. These instructions are contained in virtually every cell in your body. Owing to modern-day achievements in the field of laboratory research, it is possible to “read” the DNA and learn about the unique traits of your body

EVOGEN-GENOME testing is done using  the cutting-edge method of high-throughput sequencing, or new-generation sequencing (NGS).

«Many parts of my genome have not been read. The situation is standard: in a cheap genetic test there is less information from the original than in a school essay from "War and Peace"»

Harvard Medical School geneticist Leonid Peshkin
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  • What is GENOME sequencing?

    Genome sequencing is a modern, high-tech method of doing genetic studies to read DNA
  • Why is this needed?

    Modern personalized medicine takes into account the information on GENOME traits for each person, which allows forecasting development, preventing numerous diseases, making adjustments to a person’s lifestyle and diet; this all facilitates prolonging a person’s life span and improving the quality of life 


    Under this option, only whole genome sequencing is performed, with “raw” data released that have not been processed. The data obtained can be used in fundamental scientific research.
    This option would be beneficial to establish an accurate diagnosis when clinical findings that indicate a genetic disease are present. Our specialists will conduct an analysis of the “raw” data from whole genome sequencing and compare it with the clinical evidence for a specific individual to determine the root cause of a disease and establish a diagnosis.
    A genetic report is a unique human genetic profile. Creating a genetic report consists of two important stages. The first stage is reading the entire DNA using whole genome sequencing. The second stage is having specialists in bioinformatics and clinical geneticists process the results obtained: the DNA of the subject is compared with databases containing known mutations. A genetic passport is good for studying healthy people, and could make a wonderful gift from a company for its employees, complete with a flash drive with the “raw” NGS data, and a booklet that has the processed results of the study in corporate packaging.
    Package of 3 studies (child and parents)
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Full DNA sequencing

Interpretation of the results by bioinformatics and medical geneticist. The patient's DNA is compared with databases of known mutations

The results of the whole genome sequencing study provide information broken down into the following sections:

Carrying genetic diseases

is important for determining the risk in offspring, since in a “healthy person” carriage of latent mutations can be detected that can manifest themselves in offspring.

Hereditary tumor syndromes and the risks of cancer

is vital for determining a hereditary predisposition to cancer which, when the carriage of a pathogenic polymorphism is detected, makes it possible to develop an individual plan with screening tests to detect the disease early and effectively treat it, as well as to put together recommendations to decrease the risk that the disease will develop further

Multifactorial diseases

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • endocrine system diseases
  • central nervous system diseases
  • respiratory system diseases
  • musculoskeletal system diseases
  • visual organ diseases
  • urogenital system diseases
  • digestive tract diseases
  • skin diseases

Population genetics

analyzes the subject’s origin, where his or her ancestors came from (determining haplogroups). The results are shown on a map of how the haplogroup spread around the world, with the frequency, it is encountered.


is dedicated to individual sensitivity to medicinal products.


helps determine individual recommendations in terms of diet.

Beauty and Genetics in Fitness

gives recommendations on how to take care of the skin and choose the most effective workout regimen.