Company mission

  • Improve the nation’s quality of life through adopting Russia’s and the world’s leading technologies
  • Provide an opportunity for everyone to understand your own genetic characteristics to build the most optimal and healthy lifestyle
  • Ensure availability of the latest global technologies in genomic studies, where quality and reliability are key criteria
  • Facilitate healthcare development through adaptation of a personalized approach in health diagnosis
  • Popularization of genetic studies among the professionals and the general population

About company

EVOGEN – is a fast-growing and innovative biotechnology company focused on deep genomic studies.

We provide a wide range of genetic studies services for retail clients, public institutions and commercial organizations

License No. LO-77-01-017434

  • Our reliability confirmed by existing cooperation with leading medical institutions in Russia, including clinics and hospitals under MD "Mother and Child”
  • e cooperate only with the most technologically advanced international partners that have proven themselves
  • We work in progress and closely monitor the new technologies on the market, and selectively choose partners who can offer only the most technologically advanced and reliable solutions for our customers
  • We actively participate in educational activities, promoting genetic studies and personalized healthcare