DNA represents a large, complex molecule that is responsible for storage and transmitting hereditary information. It acts as a special set of instructions that dictates how a person’s body is put together and functions. These instructions are contained in virtually every cell in your body. DNA has protein-coding regions (exons) and non-coding regions (introns). EVOGEN-EXOME testing is done using the cutting-edge method of high-throughput sequencing, or new-generation sequencing (NGS).


    Under this option, only whole exome sequencing is performed, with “raw” data released that have not been processed. The data obtained can be used in fundamental scientific research.
    This option would be beneficial to establish an accurate diagnosis when clinical findings that indicate a genetic disease are present. Our specialists will conduct an analysis of the “raw” data from whole exome sequencing and compare it with the clinical evidence for a specific individual to determine the root cause of a disease and establish a diagnosis.
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Information on sampling biological material

Before biological material is sampled, you will be offered the chance to go through a pre-test consultation, and fill out referral documentation and an informed consent form. Afterwards, the nurse will take a blood sample, which will then be transferred to the laboratory for testing.

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